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About Us


About us, who are we 

Let us tell you a little about us.

Serving a commercial and industrial customer base, Vitrerie SB et Associés manufactures and installs a wide range of glass products, from doors and windows to curtain walls all the way to interior glass partitions, mirrors and glass showers.

Furthermore, our company is committed to full customer satisfaction. This goal directly influences our management’s philosophy, focused on openness, transparency and communication with both employees and customers in order to ensure ongoing dialogue. It’s a simple idea: Indeed, to any problem, there is a solution. We must talk about it.

Moreover, Led by Stéphane Boursier, the company distinguishes itself by its ability to design and manufacture customized products and to always offer the best value for money.

About us

Thus, equipped with a production workshop, Vitrerie SB et Associés ensures better control over production. We are also able to respond to specific requests and quickly make corrections throughout the project. “This gives us greater flexibility and allows us to take on a deeper advisory role,” according to Stéphane Boursier, founding president of this second-generation family business.

Beyond a workshop equipped with cutting edge technologies for cutting, assembly and folding, our company handles every project from A to Z. In fact, upon receipt of a request, our team of professionals made up of an experienced estimator, two talented designers and equally dedicated project managers, teams up with the customer to suggest the most advantageous solution.

Moreover, a dedicated installation teams take over during the “D-days” to complete the planned work on time. After completion, a follow-up is provided by a customer service team. “Our prime concern is satisfying our customer. They can count on us at any time,” states Mr. Boursier.

As a result, this personalized professional approach allows Vitrerie SB et Associés to maintain long-term business relationships with its clients, mainly general contractors, architects, designers, promoters and business executives. Versatility, expertise, flexibility, reliability and accessibility are the qualities that define our company, specialized in commercial and industrial glassware.


About us, our history

At first, sole leader of Vitrerie SB et Associés since 2004, Stéphane Boursier has been able to instill his dynamism and business vision specialized in commercial and industrial glassware in the third millennium.

As a matter of fact, initiated from a young age to the glazier trade, Stéphane has been involved in all facets of the family business started in the early 80’s. At the time, the family business served mainly the residential sector and handled general glassware services: Installation of doors and windows, mirrors and glass panels.

Unlike the generation of leaders of this type of business at the time, Stéphane sought to master all aspects of the work, from performing estimates to the installation while being curious about the requirements related to the manufacture of various aluminum structural elements.

Therefore, it was in 1996 that Stéphane Boursier completed his first commercial project, entrusted by one of his residential clients. The success of this project opens new horizons for him: On the strength of the success achieved and the opportunities now available to him, Stéphane Boursier now intends to develop the commercial and industrial glazing sector.

Perfecting his knowledge, consolidating his teams and now exploiting this new niche leads him to change the name of the company in 2003: Vitrerie Boursier et Fils. A year later, he leaves the residential sector to his partners and chooses to create a new entity. Under the name of Vitrerie SB et Associés, the new company mainly exploits the niche of glass products in the industrial and commercial sector.

Having the elbow room, the entrepreneur intends to stand out by now offering all of the services related to the completion of a glazing project. “By producing as much as possible ourselves, we have better quality control over our products, we reduce delivery times and we give ourselves more autonomy and versatility.”

As a result, success comes quickly: Vitrerie SB et Associés experiences remarkable growth with customers everywhere in the metropolitan area. “We take full control of what we do. We are a reliable and responsible player. Our speed of execution and our ability to respond quickly to changes are our main strengths,” proudly notes Stéphane Boursier.

About us.

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