Discover our services! Vitrerie SB et Associés is one of the very few glaziers in Quebec to possess all the expertise required to carry out tailor-made turnkey projects in-house. By combining the strengths of each of its teams: technical design – manufacturing – installation; our company is able to provide top of the line global knowledge, greater versatility, flexibility and autonomy to its customer base.

These advantages are reflected notably by our speed of action and our ability to find solutions during a project, including correcting or manufacturing a custom piece, and by rigorous quality control.

Our company, which provides emergency glazing services at all times, has also acquired in-house resources for dedicated and efficient customer service.


The combined knowledge of the technical team, including an estimator, two designers and experienced project managers, is leveraged throughout projects. From the very start of conception or during validation of the final construction plans, these professionals bring suggestions and point out elements that may affect the completion of a project. It is not uncommon for their services to also be used to solve a problem occurring during ongoing work and to design curtain wall windows or commercial doors and windows.

This expertise is also useful to Vitrerie SB et Associés‘s in-house manufacturing workshop located in Châteauguay. Their knowledge of requirements, both for the manufacturing workshop and the installation teams, adds another facet that is very useful in completing projects in time.


The integration of a manufacturing workshop able to perform the cutting, assembly and folding of aluminum was self-evident for the management of Vitrerie SB et Associés. Our aim is simple: Ensuring full control in the completion of each project in order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

The manufacturing workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. This provides precision and reliability in the manufacture of aluminum parts that will be used for the construction of interior glass partitions, curtain walls, doors and windows.

The sophistication of the machinery does not take away from the know-how of the members of the manufacturing team. In specific situations, they are able to create special pieces or find a way to improve the end result.


Vitrerie SB et Associés relies upon teams dedicated to the installation of various glassware products. The company’s management has aimed to consolidate its installation teams from the start. Outsourcing the installation of curtain wall windows, interior glass partitions, or commercial doors and windows manufactured in-house was out of the question.

By operating in this manner, our company able to guarantee its customers the same level of quality from the beginning to the end of a project. In addition, by promoting the sharing of knowledge among all the staff, it benefits from the knowledge and experience of each member of its installation teams, each one holding their skill certificates.

Although all five teams of glaziers are versatile, each one has developed specific skills over the years that are used according to the requirements of a project.

Adding to these installation teams is an internal resource dedicated to delivery.